Air Spin N Curl™
Air Spin N Curl™
Air Spin N Curl™
Air Spin N Curl™
Air Spin N Curl™
Air Spin N Curl™

Air Spin N Curl™

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Save 45 Minutes Every Morning...

Enjoy flawless curls and waves at the push of a button with our Air Spin N Curl™. Our device easily wraps the hair in a swift movement, creating your choice of gorgeous tight curls or beautiful loose waves. 

✔️Saves 45 Minutes per Day- No more having to wake up an hour early just to do your hair. Sleep in a little longer by using our Air Spin N Curl™
✔️100% Safe- Tested by thousands of women to ensure a safe yet tight and flawless curl every time. Safe for all hair types and textures.
✔️Flawless Curls Every Time - Hair is drawn into the spinning curl chamber where the ceramic rotating barrel releases the perfect curl, every time!
✔️Prevents Painful Burns -  Curling your hair with a regular curling iron can be scary and you'll almost always burn yourself


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if your hair gets stuck or tangled? 
In the event you insert too much hair and there is a tangle, the Air Spin N Curl will continuously beep to let you know and immediately release your curl so your hair is always safe with us!
What temperature does it go up to?
The Air Spin N Curl can get up to 410°F.
Can it be used on multiple hair types?
It absolutely can! You can adjust the temperature and time ranges to fit your hair needs! 
How do I clean it?
All of our Air Spin N Curls come with a FREE cleaning tool! Simply insert into the side of the barrel and press each of the directional buttons for a full rotation.


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours and have a full customer service team standing by. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.