Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set
Chakra Stone Set

Chakra Stone Set

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Fill Your Space With Positivity & Metaphysical Charm! 

Help create the perfect chakra balance within you with our Chakra Stone Set!

Not only will these crystals look magnificent in your home or workspace. They also maintain good energy balance to keep everyone around psychologically, emotionally, & spiritually healthy! 

 All-in-1 set: No need to get confused with which healing crystal will work for you best. This set already includes 8 points with the perfect mix of crystals to balance the energy around you!

 Decorative accent piece: This 8-piece set of crystal wands will liven up your decor scheme at your home or office area! It also includes a wooden box for safekeeping or displaying your crystals!

 Perfect for beginners & experts: It's the perfect gift set for both beginners & crystal experts that wish to expand their collection! Recommended for any reiki or healing work!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of crystals are included & what are each of them for?
1. Rose Quartz: Love, Calming, Communication, Truth
2. Tiger Eye: Protection, Balance, Inspiration, Good Luck
3. Citrine (heat-treated): Creativity, Success, Motivation, Joy
4. Aventurine: Harmony, Balance, De-Stress, Calm
5. Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, Confidence, Intuition, Self-awareness
6. Amethyst: Protection, Meditation, Calming 
7. Clear Quartz: Cleansing, Healing, Energy, Master Healer
8. Obsidian: Purification, Transformation, Manifestation, Protection

What's included in the package?
- 8 x crystal points: Approx. 4-5 cm tall
- 1 x wood gift box: 14.8 x 6.2 cm
- Package weight: Approx. 220 g

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