Night Vision Smart Scope
Night Vision Smart Scope
Night Vision Smart Scope
Night Vision Smart Scope
Night Vision Smart Scope
Night Vision Smart Scope
Night Vision Smart Scope

Night Vision Smart Scope

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Don't let night time determine when your hunting session is over!

Equip yourself with our ultimate Night Vision Smart Scope and navigate dark environments with clarity and ease!

✔ Night vision has never been clearer: With its infrared technology, this smart scope can reach up to more than 400 yards with clarity and ease, making night searches even more exciting! It doesn't shine detectable light, making you completely hidden from the others! 

 Four practical functions: HD lens, clear imaging, night assisted light, and large field of view functions let you enjoy night hunting even more than before!

✔ Easily adjust the settings: With just a few rotations on the magnification adjustment wheel and device internal sight, you can easily set up and personalize the clarity of the smart scope according to your vision. you can also turn on the fill flashlight for added sharpness!

 Easy to mount: Can be installed on any rifle! Simply connect it to the CCD lens with few screws then you're good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the specifications of the smart scope?

How can I mount the smart scope to my rifle?
1. Secure the display and IR light on the optical sight with the pipe clamp.
2. Loosen the plastic screws (totally eight), and centrally fix the connecting tube in the rear of the eyepiece of the optical sight.

You can also watch a short clip on how to mount the scope through this link:

How can I adjust the visuals and focus on my smart scope?
1. Turn on the machine and rotate the lens of the machine (inside the tube) to adjust the focus, and adjust the cross line of optical sight to be clear.
2. Adjust the position of the connecting tube and tighten the screws till the cross line in the center of the display. And the commissioning of the machine is complete till now.
3. In the future application, if the image is blurred caused by the different distances of the objects, the image clarity shall be adjusted by the side focus roller (and the parallax adjustment roller) attached with the optical sight. Do not move the machine lens, otherwise the cross line will be blurry.

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